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Hello, My name is Ashley Filippi. I am married and I have two boys.  I recently moved to St. Louis, MO from Denver, CO in early 2019.  Although I came from Denver, I have roots in Missouri and I went to High School in Cape Girardeau, MO, and SEMO for my college degree in Mass Communications. Before Denver, my husband and I met while living in Houston, Texas.  I've also lived in the Bahamas for 6 months back in 2010. :)

While on my journey of pregnancy and childbirth, I learned what it is like to be cared for and supported during this time.  My first pregnancy was with twins but early on I lost one and my care with the OB was subpar, to say the least, and I mainly had to figure out what I needed to care for myself. I ended up using a midwife and learned all the benefits of their physical and emotional support.  This is when I began my prenatal yoga journey.  The support I needed was mind and body.  I gave birth to my first son, Elan in 2015 at a birth center in Houston, TX.  My second pregnancy was not as easy as I envisioned. This is when I took the prenatal/postnatal yoga training and found Ayurveda.  The birth of Leo was at home in Denver, CO with a CNM in 2018.  This was when I used Ayurvedic care postpartum and quickly realized I was completely in love with this support.  I signed up for courses and started couple of moths after Leo's birth.  I have breastfed both of my sons for 2 years after their birth.  That was its own journey! 

I learned that healing properly during this time is important for the family as a whole and to support the family the mother needs to feel WELL cared for.  I had two different pregnancy and postpartum journeys and they lead me to this work.   I learned that holistic treatment during pregnancy and postpartum is likely to have a profound effect on well-being.  Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum have become my passion in life and I want to share my knowledge and experience with families.  I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to women and families in the greater St. Louis area.

When I'm not doing birth work, I am going to the park, doing yoga, or visiting the local farmer's markets with my family. When I'm not with the family I'm learning by reading and taking courses to continue my journey of being the best birth worker I can possibly be. 



Education and Background

Ayurvedic Doula

Ayurved Sadhana, October 2019

Nutrition and herbal support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Training includes Infant Massage, Medicated Ghee, Tea/Tinctures, Ayurvedic Cooking, Mothers Warm Oil Application, Belly Wrapping, Marma Therapy, and Breast Care and Massage for all stages of life. Learn more about this certification program here

Postpartum Doula

Birth Arts International, September, 2019

Extensive training to care for a new mother and the family in the postpartum period.  Emotional and physical support. Infant care, breastfeeding support, light housework, and sibling care.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Mama'hood, Spring 2018

Trained in specific pregnancy sequencing and poses. Benefits of poses in the prenatal period. Pelvic floor exercises and abdominal strength. Knowledge about stretching to prepare the body and mind for labor and birth.

Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Mama'hood, 2017

Training includes sequencing for postnatal yoga, benefits of particular poses, specific exercises for the pelvic floor, Diastasis Recti and abdominals.

Hatha Yoga Teacher

 Axis Yoga, Spring 2017

200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training. Sequencing, poses, chanting, meditation, Ayurveda, Pranayama and History of Yoga.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and means the "Science of life".


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