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I'm glad you are here! My name is Ashley Filippi and I started this business with your needs in pregnancy and after the birth in mind. I use holistic care such as simple tweaks to diet, lifestyle, and implementing functional and relaxing yoga. As mothers, we need as much support as we can get while we are growing and birthing a baby. Don't you think we deserve to be treated like a Queen? I definitely do. When we are FULLY supported we can show up for our family and our babies mentally and physically.


Ayurvedic Prenatal and Postnatal Specialist

I bring compassionate expert advice to help the family restore energy, replenish the body and mind.  I will cook, guide you through light yoga/breathing and pelvic floor exercises, prepare herbs and teas specific to you, Ayurvedic belly wrapping, advise breast care and breastfeeding support when needed. I can also provide abhyanga for the mother and teach infant massage to the caregiver.  It is my mission to bring you rest and rejuvenation during and after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.


Rachel T.

Calm, kind and oh so helpful--I was so fortunate to have help from Ashley postpartum! Ashley was wonderful and professional in her communication and follow-through. During her visits I enjoyed getting to talk with her- she's incredibly knowledgable, but very careful not to be pushy about anything. She has a wonderful calming presence and jumped right in to help around the house and in the care of me and my little guy. She was incredibly valuable to our family! I highly recommend hiring her!

Listed on Expertise as Best Doula in St. Louis!




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