• Let's meet to discuss options for Prenatal and Postnatal support.

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My Services

Ayurvedic Mother Virtual Care

Offering Virtual Support

-Gain Prenatal and Postnatal Ayurvedic knowledge.

-Ayurvedic Prenatal and/or Postnatal Recipes.

-Infant care. I support the biologically normal sleep and development of the infant. We can discuss what is normal and necessary for proper growth.

-Yoga/relaxation, plus the pressure points for pregnancy and after birth, as needed.

-Resources and advice on anything pregnancy and after the birth.

-Improve your health outcome after birth.

-Learn to use the right herbs and the amount needed for your needs.  

- Feel supported in your breastfeeding journey.

-Experience support in body and mind during pregnancy and after birth. 

My mission during this time is to build a relationship to provide individualized, interactive, and personal care for your pregnancy and after birth. Our conversations will be held via Google Meet.

I am here to walk with you on your journey.

3 week

Ayurvedic MAMA Care Package


Ayurvedic Pregnancy Support

Informative and Compassionate

Pregnancy Support is here for you to feed your body and mind in the comfort of your home.  Using a nourishing snack, herbs, teas, Marma, and Yoga, you are setting yourself up for a healthy pregnancy and labor/birth. We start the relationship in pregnancy and can continue through birth. 

*I include the supplies for a Covid safe meeting in your home. In our first consult, we will go over all of the plans I have in place.

$150 per session

Ayurvedic Postnatal Support

Nourish the first 3-6 weeks

My role as an Ayurvedic Postnatal Support is to ensure you get the best information and care possible.  In-home services include Ayurvedic fresh meals,  snacks, personalized teas, herbs, yoga, belly wrapping, and much more. 

In Ayurveda, the first 42 days postpartum will reflect the next 42 years of the mother's life.  This is a time to rest, recover, heal, bond, and reflect.  These weeks of care are critical to prevent colic in mother and baby, properly heal the body, and with this, possibly avoid mental and other health issues common in postpartum. This package is your choice of three or six weeks of Ayurvedic Postpartum care and two days a week. 

3 week  "Restore after birth" Package


6 week "Rejuvenate after birth" Package




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