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Ayurvedic Mother Virtual Care

Offering Virtual Support

-Gain Prenatal and Postnatal Ayurvedic knowledge.

-Ayurvedic Prenatal and/or Postnatal Recipes.

-Infant care. I support the biologically normal sleep and development of the infant. We can discuss what is normal and necessary for proper growth.

-Yoga/relaxation, plus the pressure points for pregnancy and after birth, as needed.

-Resources and advice on anything pregnancy and after the birth.

-Improve your health outcome after birth.

-Learn to use the right herbs and the amount needed for your needs.  

- Feel supported in your breastfeeding journey.

-Experience support in body and mind during pregnancy and after birth. 

My mission during this time is to build a relationship to provide individualized, interactive, and personal care for your pregnancy and after birth. Our conversations will be held via Google Meet.

I am here to walk with you on your journey.

3 week

Ayurvedic MAMA Care Package



Our Services

  • Let's discuss options for Prenatal and Postnatal support.

    1 hr